January 25, 2012

Work, bits and bobs, bubble bath!

Today has been manic. First day back in work since I got ill last week, it was busy trying to catch up and as I am still not 100% by the end of the day I was feeling rough and had a massive headache. Got home and had to get on with some washing, food shopping, writing and making the favours for the wedding, sorting clothes out etc etc, basically all the things that have been neglected recently. Literally just finished now...exhausting! 

I got a picture of the favours while we were in the middle of it - but not a good one! too tired :( - and I forgot to take one at the end when it is actually all put together (and to be completely honest I cannot be bothered to go back and do it right now so it will have to wait!)

Christoph ran a bath for me where I am about to go and veg out with lots of bubbles. I have added some baby Johnson oil to it, I often do, so that I don't have to bother moisturising when I come out as it will already be done! I love doing that, no standing in the cold after your bath , you can just get straight into bed and be allllll smooth.


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  1. hi love,

    still no idea what the favors are, can really make out from the picture either. but i am sure they wil be great!!!

    much love