January 14, 2012

Presents, car keys, lasagna and sewing machines

So, it's been a couple of days, what has happened...

First my actual birthday day: An amazing day despite the fact I was in work. I was woken up by Christoph with a chocolate cake and candles to blow, as well as ballons and presents of course! Chocolate cake for breakfast is definately the best thing ever!

I got a lovely necklace and a clue to our trip next week end...the clues were in pictures and I had 4 pics:

1. Some ice cubes
2. Knees
3. Bell
4. Scones

I got it, but will you? ...

The excitement continued as I got to work (although I had to get the bus...Eurgh! Due to drinks later) and I was greeted by birthday banners and ballons and a lot of excitiment. I got lots of hugs (Yay!), a voucher to treat myself and another necklace (can you tell I love them?)

To make it even better we received our wedding rings that morning and they are beautiful!! 

We then went for a drink with some work colleagues and decided to go to Bem Brazil and basically stuff our faces and drink caipirinha! We ate so much we felt ill!

We have now come down to Surrey as we had a few appointments with flower shops...our trip was a bit of a disaster though and we did not get to Christoph's parents until 5pm! Car keys not working so we were either locked out of the car or couldn't start it, or put petrol in it...it did get a bit tense I have to admit!

We did get here in the end and we had a feast waiting for us (lasagna!!) and more presents! We got some money for our trip from Teresa and Michael (the inlaws) and an AMAZINGLY beautiful sewing machine from Andy , Christoph's brother

Edit: It's a Singer 28K in case anyone was wondering

It is the most beautiful machine ever! I will need to get a motor for it and pedal but it is mint condition and it's the loveliest thing...Good thing too as the machine I had bought was damaged during transportation so I had to send it back! 

Tomorrow is car boot then another flower meeting and then back up to Manchester...those trips are killing us...4 hours of grim death!

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  1. hi sweetie i am glad you are having just the best time ever i wish i could shareit with you!!!

    lots of love

    alina xx