January 29, 2012


...as you know was a bit of a disaster due to me being ill. Despite that we did manage to get a full day out on the Saturday and we went to the Vatican, seeing St. Peter's Basilica, the Vatican's museums and the Sistine Chapel -  way too much for one day and it is probably why we could hardly walk by the end of it and why I must have gotten worse the next day!

We took so many pictures, around 300 and I am not exaggerating (thank god for digital!). So I have chosen a few to put here:

This is inside St. Peter's Basilica and I love this picture. The light coming through one of the windows gives it  feel that seems very fitting. 

This one is from the Vatican Museums and the bronze statue you can see is Hercules of the Theatre of Pompey and in front, Nero's Bowl (/ bathtub). 

All tapestries were in a room where the windows were blocked out so as to not let in too much light as the tapestries are incredible fragile. This one is of  The resurrection of Christ.

We did not realise as we went in just how long it would take us to go around. We mainly wanted to see the Sistine Chapel but unaware of the sheer space of the museums we thought we would do them too...by the end of it when we were just about to finally get to the Sistine Chapel, we were so exhausted that we were both ready to give up when:

Now, Christoph and I have VERY loud laughs, we can't help it, it's not done on purpose, but when we laugh everyone knows about it! The echo in this place was amazing too so it sounded like there were 2 crazy lunatics walking around. But we needed it so badly and it gave us the extra strength we needed.

We did get to the Sistine Chapel but I am afraid I cannot show you any pictures as you are not allowed to take any in there. The whole place, the Basilica, the Museums, the Chapel, are incredible works of Art and Architecture. We will need to go back another time and do it in a slower and less intense way so that we don't get burned out like we did. We ended up missing so much by not taking in our surrounding with the deserved attention after a few hours in there.

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