January 09, 2012

My craft space

I am totally exhausted today. So glad the working day is over and I have come home without the emergency phone after having it for nearly 1 week! Happy days!

So from one desk to another...

...there it is, my own little space!

As we don't have that much money I had to go the cheap and cheerful way but I actually really like it! (Particularly my red chair!!Red is my favorite colour...in case you hadn't noticed...)

I have also had to put all of this in the living room as Christoph did not seem too keen to have me and my mess in his music room, I cannot think why that would be...


  1. is that where the dinning room table was?
    are those the frech doors leading tot he outside?


  2. Ooh how awesome! D'you think Pete'd entertain me having one too ... :D