January 11, 2012

Eat.Sleep. And birthdays

And eat and sleep is all I will be doing tonight! I slept awfully last night, couldn't sleep, had weird dreams that kept waking me up and with a super busy afternoon at work I could fall asleep right now if it wasn't for a promise of a huge plate of sausages in the next 30 min (I can't fall asleep knowing there is sausages to be had!)

I have been trying to be really good and not just write "it's my birthday" everyday this week in here, and I have succeeded well enough but I can't help myself today, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW! 

To celebrate my last day being 29 - no reason why you can't celebrate your new age AND say goodbye to your old one - Christoph has bought me some lovely flowers. 

I absolutely love birthdays, I celebrate them the whole week (dam right) which are called birthday weeks (yes very imaginative) and I have been shouting about it for the past 2 months to anyone who wants to hear it... and those who don't. 

Tomorrow I will be 30. I have been asked this week if that is a bad thing and the answer is no! Like I said in my first post I actually think that this will be an amazing year and I think life is actually going to get better. 

So turning 30 is bloody brilliant! Plus I think I'm too much like a silly teenager in my head for age to actually mean anything - body wise is another story...gravity is a sad thing! 

This also means that there probably will not be a post from me tomorrow as I will be too busy having drinks and eating lots of food!!! What more can you ask for? 


  1. well well well,
    i am your best freinds most of the above is far too old news hahahah i mean you are 30 now hahaha join the club, it's that bad on this side hahahah in fact if you played your cards well in your 20s your 30s will be awesome!!!
    even though you know who said to me on my 30th that he thought that i was 30 when we met in 2000 !!!! some poeple are just asking to be killed on the spot honestly!!!! and i look danm young for 34 hahahahah
    so sewing: you are preaching to the choir sweetie, i have been sawing for nealry 20 years now and other crafts like that, but this you probably knew already!!! god I AM OLD hahaha

  2. yeah i am here incognito hahahah
    my mum created the google account for our wedding over 4 years ago and so it's her name that apears!!!! nice!!!

    love hon