January 29, 2012

Italy and food

The one thing that I did want to do while in Italy despite being ill was eat. In fact I was hungry all of the time. As Sunday was a bed day the only time we actually got to see Rome was at night when in search of some food!

On the way to our first dinner:
The first night we had dinner at a restaurant near the Trevi Fountain (sorry for the bad picture but we were harassed so much by people wanting money and to take pictures of us that we ran away!)
We sat outside (in January!!!) and we had some really lovely food (cheeses, salad, lamb and boar, and wine of course!). 

The next evening we went to the Jewish Quarter in Rome as we had read that it had some amazing restaurant and that tourists were not usually found there. Perfect! And it was. It was lovely, we had some fried whole artichoke and fried zucchini flowers filled with cheese and capers for antipasti then some veal and for desert tiramisu of course. There was what we believe to be one of the locals singing and playing the guitar, the atmosphere was amazing. I totally forgot to take pictures of the area as by then I was starting to feel quite rough :(

                                                              The Colosseum

For the last night we were there we went just across the road (there was no way I was going to trek anywhere the way I was feeling). It was an Enoteca (which literally means "wine repository”) and we had what was probably the best meal of the whole trip (either that or I was feeling so miserable that the wine and food tasted unusually amazing). 

Christoph and I just shared a plate of salad (potatoes, olives, red onions, capers and cherry tomatoes. Simple but incredibly tasty), a plate of cheeses (gorgonzola, taleggio and others that I have forgotten the names right now!), a plate of cured meats (amongst it buffalo! which I loved but I think it can be an acquired taste). And wine of course. Which in Italy is very expensive to drink in a restaurant!

Now this picture you might think that it was a starter but it was in fact my desert! I have never had anything so amazing: gorgonzola completly covered in honey with a glass of Marsala wine...seriously it was one of the  best food experiences of my life. You have the cheese and the honey and you think, yeah it's alright, but THEN! you have the Marsala wine and you just suddenly think that you have died and gone to heaven, suddenly it makes sense. Seriously. Amazing. 

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