January 26, 2012

Grumps no more! Cup a soups no more! Well, until next time...

I feel like I have to say sorry because I have been such a grumps bag for the past week and that this has been reflected in my posts in a very obvious way! Bah humbug!

Well that little phase seems to have passed (fingers crossed!), it could be because I feel better, it could be because tomorrow is Friday and therefore the week end or it could be that tomorrow we get paid (FINALLY!!!!) and that I am going to have proper food to eat! Ok, I know this sounds dire but imagine having been paid 5 weeks ago AND that it was Christmas and new year AND that you are organising a wedding AND that it was my birthday AND that we went away to Italy AND...ok I think that's it, but I made my point. We have been eating some really weeeeeeeird stuff at the moment as that is all there was in the cupboard (and asparagus cup a soups for lunch...you heard it right and you are right to feel sorry for me, I most certainly do).

So it is with extreme excitement that I will be going into this week: I will not be ill, I will have food (shopping is arriving tomorrow night) and we are not having to go anywhere...ah bliss! This week end is what this blog is about: little bits of nice. Little bits of nice food (and wine of course), little bits of catching up on my fav tv programs (Masterchef, love it!), little bits of reading, little bits of wedding thinking and lots of snuggles! 

Christoph is out tomorrow night as he DJ's in a bar in Manchester as part of a group of them, for a night called Strictly Trainers and this means some me alone time. I never crave those moments but it is nice when it happens so that I can do some guiltless vegging out and stuff my face as no one will be looking! 

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