January 16, 2012

Meh grumps

I know that the tittle of this post goes against what littlebitsofnice is about but man, January blues are proper settling in!

Today was so busy in work, I feel completely shattered, been in bed since 8pm trying not to fall asleep or I will be wide awake at 3am and get really angry about it...

I must be really good at concealing when I am not in the mood as that's how I felt all day and yet a student told me that I always look happy and smiling...really?!? I have this image of myself when in work and it looks like something like this:

Maybe I'm nicer than I think I am......nah.

Hmmm I'm obviously a bit of a grumps tonight, I'm not feeling the 2012 love right now, tiredness and a general sentiment of meh does that to someone.

Holiday, holiday, holiday...just keep saying it....

1 comment:

  1. don't worry honey when you do work you do look a little bit like that picture but it's cure too, plus that's only when go round but as soon as some one talks to you, your face and eyes smile out of either pleaseure to see them or your diplomatic soul. either way it make the person feel better.