January 07, 2012


Today is a good day! 

For one thing, I FINALLY won something on ebay! And I have never won anything on ebay. I tend to be the worse bidder in the world, I am way too slow and I panic so much that I don't even realise I have been outbid and by the time I do it is inevitably too late...useless.

But the really exciting part is WHAT I won...I won a beautiful old singer 201k sewing machine! My first sewing machine. I cannot wait to get going! It needs a new belt for the motor and I need to get a desk to have it on and bits and bobs to use it with...ok so it might be a little while until I'm all set up but oooooooh I'm so excited!

I'll try to get  picture up as soon as I can! 


Update: I've managed to get a picture so here it is! Isn't it beautiful!


  1. Ooh Pretty! I got given one (not a singer!) before Christmas, my nana had three and decided that it was a bit excessive so donated one to me!!! I've yet to have a proper play though, I've got lots of cute fabric in preparation for me being actually good enough to make something!!!

  2. My first comment!

    I had no idea you had one or that you wanted to get into it. I still need to buy all the bits so that I can actually start on a project. I now have my craftdesk sorted out, I'll be posting a pic this evening!