January 19, 2012

First times and sore throat

I haven't posted in a couple of days, I've been ill and feeling really pathetic! I am still not feeling great but I am trying to will myself to get better... FAST!

Indeed tomorrow is the day of the trip. If any of you guessed the riddles I posted before,  I am going to Italy tomorrow! Present of my wonderful man Christoph for my 30th. So I will have 4 lovely days in...well I don't know where!! It is still a surprise and I am only going to find out when we are at the airport. 

I have to say I am extremely excited, of course, and at the same time slightly worried because he organised all of this by himself...(sorry sweetie, I do think you are wonderful, just forgetful that's all!). I am sure it will all be incredibly amazing, I have never been to Italy and I am very much looking forward to it...without the headache, sore throat and aches would be awesome!

The last time we went away together just the 2 of us was when we went to the Alps at the Mont Blanc, it was amazingly beautiful and the best holiday (that is an actual picture took, how awesome it that!):

I'll make sure to post some pictures when we get back! (might be able to sneak a quick post tomorrow morning from the airport to tell you where I am going! :P)

Also today I sewed with my sewing machine for the first time! I mean I have been practicing doing straight lines (doing ok...ish) but I mean I actually sewed something! Ok it was a little bit of material that had ripped on the sleeves of a top, but still!!! I sewed! It was AMAZING!

Oh and my friend Caroline told me of pinterest, which I had no idea existed (!!) and it is just amazing. So of course I am now addicted to that and in the last 2 days of being ill bored at home I have been adding to it. This is it, if you fancy having a look to either see what it is about, or have a nose at my picture boards, follow me or join yourself!  http://pinterest.com/bitsofnice/

See you all in a few days!!!

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