January 24, 2012

Rome, Fail - Lykke Li and Bon Iver, Win

So...Rome was a bit of a disaster as I tried too hard on Saturday and ended up spending most of Sunday in bed at the hotel with a temperature and shivers...YAY for my crappy immune system! Perfect timing as always...

I will post some pics and do a proper post about it later this week, I just don't have the strength right now.

Today I stayed home still, due to me feeling poo but "everything" came out today like the Niagara falls (sorry, I know it's gross) and my head feels much better for it this evening. My throat is still sore but at least my skull doesn't feel like it's splitting into millions of pieces anymore! I was therefore feeling really miserable this afternoon when I turned the PC on to have something to look at and I found this which did make me smile. 

Simply awesome...

Christoph and I saw Bon Iver in Edinburgh last October and it was brilliant. Lykke Li played in Manchester last year also but we missed it! Totally gutted. 

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  1. Aw hope you're feeling better soon. I love that vid, I had the music as my ringtone for a while (total saddo!) x