September 11, 2012

Our Wedding - The Flowers

So, the first installment of our wedding photos is finally here! I am starting with the flowers as they looked gorgeous thanks to our florist Jenny from Wooldridge and Sleep

                                         1. Bridesmaids bouquets  2. Flower girls hair clip  3. Bride's bouquet  4. Bride's bouquet

My bouquet: what can I say but that I thought it was so beautiful! It had one of the loveliest peonies I have seen, the colours were stunning and looked as if they had just been picked from a field.

I did keep forgetting it everywhere I went...and I had various people bring it back to me throughout the day...Oups! 

I particularly loved the bridesmaids bouquets. They looked incredibly cute and delicate with a mix of white and pink gypsophilias. They are definately one of my favourite flowers.

The flower girls clip was super cute too, although they didn't last very long on the hair of our lovely but very active little girls who by the end of the day had gone from lovely pink to, well, black really!

We also had some daisies in little jars on the registrar's table and some mason jars hanging on the chairs filled with some more gypsophilias. Those, the daisies and gyps, were taken back after the ceremony to the marquee and used for the venue too on the tables!

Peonies, daisies, gypsophilias...perfect!

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