September 19, 2012

Iyengar Yoga

This isn't me in the picture before you ask! I do wish I was that flexible. That is one of the reasons why Christoph and I have started a iyengar yoga course today.

They take place in the Brighton Natural Health Centre (which is where the picture above is from, it is not one of my pictures), right in the middle of the lanes.

It is quite an easy place to miss as the building is quite small but the classroom was surprisingly big and airy and teacher as well as fellow students all were really lovely.

It is so nice to find a place that has yoga at a good time for me. Classes everywhere I looked where either at 10am or 7-8pm. As I work the 10am classes are a no no and as I am the kind of person that if I go home in the evening after work, to get me out of the house again would be nothing short of a miracle! These classes are at 5.30pm which are perfect for my 4.30 finish as well as Christoph's.

The reasons why I wanted to do yoga are many: for one thing I need to do some exercise. I also feel like I'm shrinking, if you see what I mean? I really feel that I need to stretch my body. I have trouble sleeping, and have had for years and I think it will help. Basically I am hoping it will help with my flexibility, strengthen my body and help with various little bits.

And I think we chose well to start with iyengar yoga. It's a form of Hatha Yoga,  which focuses on the alignment of the body. To find out more here's the Iyengar Yoga Association website for the UK.

All in all excellent and we cannot wait to go again next week!

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