September 25, 2012

Blog Indecision - Themes And Appearance

If there is one thing I have been most indecisive about since starting this blog is the layout and appearance. I am finding so very difficult to find the one layout and look that I am truly happy with. Maybe it's because littlebitsofnice doesn't have a direction, because it's a collection of random moments, thoughts, spaces, places, stuff, likes and...well...bits (of nice! *geeky giggle*).
All blogging platforms give varying degrees of freedom to their bloggers to do what they want. 
Blogger is really good for that. It does give you freedom to do nearly everything you want in all aspects and parts of the blog from playing with the width, colours, fonts, sizes, all of it regardless of what original theme you start with. I just feel there is something missing but I can't figure out what that is exactly.
Wordpress, where littlebitsofnice has been "cloned"(I am still deciding where home will be), is different. The themes seem a lot more intricate and crisp (make sense?) but you can do a lot less with them and therefore I find it harder to find the theme that will be just right. Indeed very little modifications can be made and whatever extra you could do has to be paid for. True, it's not expensive, but I love to change things constantly, I get bored quite easily and I am still unsure where littlebitsofnice is heading...I am therefore a bit wary of buying those themes and/or extras and then think "hmmmm".
I thought about checking out other platforms but I made myself stop because it was just getting ridiculous. I can't have the same blog, as I have no interest in having more than 1, in 3 or 4 hosting sites. I have also been looking various other blogs that I read and enjoy, not only for their content but also for the way it looks and that therefore provides me with the full blogging experience (know what I mean?). Here are a few: - She changed her layout recently. For this one I am actually not sure it it's the layout or the fact that I love her content so much. - Simple but perfect. - my favourite - although I did like it when it was slightly "messier".
So here we are, theme change take 5, with a different theme for both littlebits Blogger and littlebits Wordpress, both very similar to each other.
What do you think? Better, worse, good, bad? Lost cause? Do you have any good tips on personalising your blog in either one of these sites? Do you have a "random" blog and if so how did you choose your look to reflect that? 
Talk about overthinking something!

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