September 16, 2012

The Brighton and Hove Food and Drink Festival 2012

This last week it has been The Brighton & Hove food and drink festival and we didn't find out until it was nearly too late, which is very typical! Its happens twice a year, once in April for the spring harvest and once in September for the autumn one.
L'Eglise is this little French restaurant that is 5 min walk from our home and that we have walked past many a times, always saying to each other just how we should go and have food there soon. Last week, as I had been feeling very poorly all week, Christoph had decided that he would treat me to some good food. It was by checking their website that he found out this festival was happening and that the restaurant was taking part. The were offering a 5 course meal cooked by a couple of wonderfully French cooks from the region of Lyon as part of an International chef exchange: Yves Rivoiron and Jean Louis Gelin, who may I just say has the most incredible moustache I have seen and who is the most jovial chef I've met. He even sang us a song (click here to hear it, it's worth it) while topping up his glass of wine. Fantastique!

Christoph told him his moustache was bigger than a submarine (here), all in French so we think he appreciated the effort?
The evening was lovely and very convivial. Everyone sat together, we were outside, and this gave everyone the chance to chat with different dinners, meeting some interesting people and of course, eating some wonderful food and drinking fabulous wine. We opted to try out Jean Louis own brew which tasted light and was very easy to drink - and which also gave us the worse headache we have both ever experienced. Own brew it was indeed! 

If you live in the area I would highly recommend L'Eglise to anyone that wants good food, cosy setting, wonderful hostess and interesting patrons.

A lot more happened this week end at the festival and I cannot wait for the next one, which I hope I will be in better form for!

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