September 14, 2012

Our Wedding - The Venues

We are getting there with the pictures! I decided I didn't want my wedding posts to be millions of pictures of us and the wedding, and that although I want to share some pictures here, this blog will not turn into our wedding album. For one thing, there is a reason why we had an intimate ceremony and posting hundreds of pictures here really kinda defeats the point. And secondly, unless you are me - because I can look at the pictures everyday all day - it would become really boring after picture number 20 (Less than that?! Really?).

So, we had a bit of a glimpse of the flowers and now we have a little glimpse of the venues. There will be more pictures than this, this cannot be said to be a glimpse, a blink maybe? 

We had a civil ceremony, which was beautiful and intimate, in this stunning place. Pennyhill Park is indeed a spectacular place.

And once we had the serious stuff out of the way, we made our way to the Franzkowiak's.

It was such a fun party, no rules, no timings, just a group of people having good food and lovely wine.

I will post more pictures of both ceremony and party, for a better glimpse ;) soon!


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