February 15, 2012

Valentine's day is over...thank god!

So, Valentine's day was yesterday...you would probably think that with me being the cheesiest person in the world that I would LOVE valentines...I do not. 

I am very sorry but I am probably going to upset people now, people that like Valentine's day and think that it means something. 

I work in an international college and there was a right fever running through the school, flowers being delivered, boys running after girls, groups chanting, I mean it was crazy. And for me that is the only time where Valentine's day excitement is acceptable. They are teenagers/young adults, and I do not mean to sound patronizing, or that we shouldn't take their feelings seriously but I was 18 once and I thought I was in love, I mean really in love, I thought I would die...now this makes me laugh as I now know what this actually means and how it actually feels. But man did I believe it then! So yes, Valentine for the young ones, yup I get it, I would encourage it as it is a bit of fun and sweet.

But that is the only time. Otherwise...

I think Valentine's day is a load of rubbish. It is for people that do not know what romance means, people that need a day made up to remember to treat their loved one and tell/show them how much they mean to you. Why? Why would you need the one day in the year to show it to them? Ridiculous. I absolutely love cheesiness, love hearts, cuteness, treats, romantic gestures and crazy declarations of love. But please please PLEASE, be spontaneous about it. Do not do it because someone tells you that this is what you should do on a particular day of the year. Christoph and I treat each other as often as we can (I get flowers every month!), we tell each other how much we love each other everyday, we do all the small things that actually mean something for each other all of the time. Valentine's day...what a sham.

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  1. oh dear are you old at 30 now!!! i am cool mama at 33.
    there are 3 kinds of love:

    1) between lovers
    2) between parents and children and siblings
    3) between true friends

    I am lucky to have all three, I have my parenst+2 brothers + a sister (you), i have a husband and i have Hermione which is the greatest love of them all.

    and so are you: you have your mum, you have chris and you have me and hermione. here you have 3 people who love you unconditionally for exactly who your are no matter what. and you know they will walk through fire for you even thoguh sometimes we drive each other a little crazy, it all out of sheer love.
    don't you ever forget that you are loved!! ok
    love you

    alina xx