February 11, 2012

A day of relaxation and Savoury pancakes

Unfortunately my getting together with my boss was cancelled as her little boy was not well so I ended up spending the day in bed, not doing much to be honest, little bits here and there, and it felt great for it to be a choice to be in bed, not a necessity!

I made some chilli con carne last night and really enjoyed it! It had been ages since I had made one and I forgot just how nice and wholesome it is. And spicy! I LOVE spicy food, and I have an addiction to Tabasco. Seriously, I need to put Tabasco in just about everything.

Today Christoph and I had a real team work thing going on with what to have for lunch. As we had some chilli leftovers I came up with the idea of having Savoury pancakes with chilli and cheese for lunch...

...his job was to actually make it!! :)

Again all I have to show for it is another terrible picture...but it was seriously good!! We had some chives in the pancake batter, the chilli - which was even better than yesterday! -grated cheese, some creme fraiche and some more chives sprinkled on top. Simply delicious!

Tonight will be a quiet evening, sorting some more wedding bits out, eating some homemade fish pie (oh yeah!!), some wine and a movie. It really is the small things in life that make me most happy.

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