February 20, 2012

Fink, London Natural History Museum and bad mussels

So as you can see from the title we were in London last week end! We had a super week end planned out to make up for the whole disaster that were our birthdays...we did ok...ish.

Christoph and I took the Friday off so that we would have plenty time to get there before the Fink gig we were going to at Koko...
...but did we heck! We arrived at the hotel at nearly 6pm and had to have a quick shower and rush out again. Fink was brilliant, had a fab time although we were a bit far from the stage, which was a bit of a shame.

The next day we went to the London Natural History Museum.

London Natural History Museum

Christoph and I had been dying to go for as long as I can remember. It was amazing! We will need to go back again as we didn't have time to do everything we wanted, it is so big and with half term the queues were mad! Best bit was the dinosaur part of course! They are incredibly cool and to think they existed in our planet is just too incredible! Here are a few pictures, I have lots more but that's because I am a compulsive clicker!

Charles Darwin

The Central Hall
The Central Hall

Tyrannosaurus details (amazing!!)

T Rex
 From there things got downhill for us really. We got back to the hotel a bit later than expected, had a quick shower and got out again to grab some food before we went to see a play - Bingo - in which our friend Michelle is in. I ordered some mussels as Chris is allergic to seafood which means that we don't have it at home so I always treat myself when we go out...BIG mistake!!! Got food poisoning and next thing I knew I was back at the hotel, feeling like crap, crying in the bath...Christoph got in with me fully clothed, bless him, to hug me. Best. Man. In. The. World.

I feel asleep by 9.30pm, woke up all night ill and we left to go get the car at his brother's flat. Said a quick hello, I was sick and we left for home...

So there you are, although I think we are getting better at this. It was only 1/3 of the week end ruined and not all of it this time...gotta find the positive somewhere!

By the way do NOT go to the Grange St. Paul Hotel in London. Worse hotel ever. Rude staff, disorganised, load of snobs, housekeeping appalling...anyway I could go on but not worth it. Avoid it is all I can say!


  1. honeslty sweetie,

    i think that you two should just give up going away together till your honeymoon MAN this is terrible luck!!!


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