February 09, 2012

It's nearly the wk end...

..and thank god for that! I know what you are thinking: I was off work for 2 days this week so really what am I complaining about! Well it doesn't matter how many days you work during the week, week ends are simply the best (said in a Tina Turner kinda way - sorry I've had some mad songs in my head today).
This week end is chilled but kinda busy. For one thing I have my beloved work emergency phone - YAY! - but it does have a positive which is that it means we can't leave Manchester and therefore no driving for 4 hours on a Friday night! Therefore on Friday night I will be at home, nice and warm, with a glass of wine and enjoying the fact it's the week end. You have NO idea how much I am looking forward to that!

I will be meeting up with my boss who had a baby last year - and I have been covering her maternity leave - on Saturday for some fun non work (we'll try) catch up and some playing with her beautiful son Theo. I am really looking forward to it, we have been trying to get together for like a year!

On Sunday Christoph and I will be going to a car boot to source some more bits for the wedding, particularly plates. Sounds weird but let me explain: what we are basically doing is sourcing 42 - yes you heard that right - different plates, non matching, to be used on our wedding day as the meal plates. The more different they are the better! This is eclectic at its best! We think it will look wonderful! We have at the moment a grand total of...3! Woooooo! Everything will be OK, it's fine...say it over and over again and you will believe it too!


  1. Might be worth hitting the charity shops for random plates, they've usually got some hidden gems and some really wtf ones :D

  2. that's a good idea, to be honest we are on the look out everywhere we go, if you see any in your adventures think of us! :P