February 12, 2012

Failed car boots, meringues and naps

Our car boot morning was a total fiasco! After having gone to the car boot and not finding any plates (well we got 1 plate) or bits that we wanted we then decided to go to another one as it was still early. We then proceeded to 3 different car boots, all that claimed on their website that they were there every Sunday but they were not! The last one we went to we got there too late and by then we were in desperate need of some hot food and a drink.

As we were close to Willowpool Garden Centre, we decided to stop there for a bit of food and for some wandering around looking at random things - Willowpool is very random, I love going there. 

We decided to have some lunch and when it came to dessert time...I could not resist getting one. Seriously if you go there you NEED to eat their desserts, particularly the ones with meringues. OH MY GOD were they heavenly. Crunchy outside, chewy inside. Perfect. I got so carried away when I saw the plate that I totally forgot to take a picture of just how ridiculously massive it was until we were half way through it. 

So here is (half eaten already)...

Did we finish it?

Oh yeah we did and I could have had more!! 

We then made our way home in ridiculous fog. It has been so cold today that we got home and jumped into bed to warm ourselves up and we ended up both falling asleep!! We are so hardcore...

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