August 07, 2012

Where to start

It has been so very very long since I posted something that I have no idea where to start!

I think the best thing to do is to first make a little list of what did happen that I want to share and take it from there. When I say things that I want to share I just mean actually interesting - hopefully!- things. I had sausages for dinner tonight just doesn't really cut it!

So here we go:
* Leaving Manchester
* The wedding!
* The honeymoon
* Brighton, flat, jobs and stuff

I think that summarises it all. Not bad for 6 weeks!

I will start my catch up list this week end - I'm being realistic as tomorrow I'm going for a drink after work and Thursday and Friday evenings are the only time I will have with Chris this week!

In the meanwhile I will leave you with this teaser photo (yes those are our footsteps!)

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