June 21, 2012

Week end with the girls - and Roy - in Ullswater

The titled says it all really! At the end of May - yes it has taken me this long to put anything up for that week end - 2 girl friends and I rented Eamont cottage and went to spend a week end in the Lake District in Ullswater. I love Ullswater, it is quieter than Windermere and in my opinion even more beautiful and the weather was incredible, which helps!

I have to mention Roy, the landlord whose the cottage belonged to. A lovable, quirky Lancashire gentleman with a dry sense of humour and lots of patience, he was an absolute star. Roy, we will never forget you! Thank you for putting up with us 3 girls pestering you all the time...Alina misses you...

Here are some pictures of the trip, it was hard to select a few but I think they tell the story of the week end rather well, i.e sun, food and lots of alcohol...with a little 20min nap thrown in...yes yes pathetic I know but if it makes you feel better, I was shouted at for it!

Alina and Sam on the steamer boat 
The beautiful Lake Ullswater

Lovely weather on Lake Ullswater

The 2 whities! Sun obsessed Sam even took her shoes off, NOTHING can stand between a perfect tan!

That silly smile says it all

Relaxing finally after so many hectic weeks

Garlic, olive oil and sea salt BBQ prawns. Life doesn't get better than that (exept when you add to the meal a few bottles of wine...)

Dressed for a more relax time at the cottage, drinking prosecco YUM!

Yes I am pink and you are brown...whatever

Sexy Sam...oulala!

View from our living room window. Just beautiful

Too much food, sun and alchohol! It's not my fault...(ouch the double chin is NOT a good look either!)

After a long day, some relaxing with a glass of water!

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