August 11, 2012

Leaving Manchester

Manchester by night - we took this pic when we stayed at the Hilton Hotel

We left Manchester on the 23rd of June, but we left our flat on the 18th. My friend Sam was kind enough to put us up for a few days so that we weren't homeless :) I'm really glad the last place I stayed in Manchester was her house, it's always felt like home and this meant we def manage to see each other before I left.

My last week in work was a nightmare as to top everything off I got kidney infection and felt really ill. This meant that I was in bed on antibiotics for most of the week but I went in the last day because I didn't want to just leave things like that and I really wanted to tie things over.

I'm very glad I did too as I at least got a chance to say goodbye to my work colleagues, whom I miss very much! Guys, work without you is just not the same! Why don't you all move to Brighton eh! ;)
We got a ridiculously huge amount of money collected for our honeymoon which made us completely lost for words. Not an easy feat! Everyone was incredibly generous, not just with their donations but also with making the effort to going out for a couple of drinks to say goodbye, even though a lot of them had long journeys back home. To everyone that made it, thank you so much!

I had to leave quite early as I was sick (from the infection) and was asleep by 10! Oh well, it's not me if something like this doesn't happen.

The next day Chris and I packed the car with the remainder of our belongings and met my friend Wildman for lunch. We had been trying to meet up for weeks to say goodbye but it never worked out but hey better late than never!

Up to that point I didn't feel upset about leaving but I have to admit that I did tear up once Wildman left and we were in the car. I wasn't upset about leaving Manchester, which I thought I would be a little, having spent half my life there. It's leaving people that was hard.

My mother asked me if I missed Manchester. My honest answer? Not one little bit. It was one of the best decisions we ever made. Don't get me wrong, I have had some amazing times in Manchester and it was my home for a long time. Some of the best times of my life happened there. I will always think of it fondly but it was time to leave. Do I miss my friends? Hugely. Xx

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