April 30, 2012

Wordpress blog

I have created a new blog on Wordpress. In fact that's kind of wrong, I have exported this blogger's post to a new one on Wordpress but it the same content/blog as this one.

The reason why I have done this is that unfortunately I don't feel that blogger works very well on the iPad and as it will be on the iPad that I will be blogging from it makes sense to swap. I can be however a creature of habits and I did get used to my blog here, it does have a special please in my heart. So I will be keeping this blog but I will be using the other for new posts. Please start following me on Wordpress from now. This is a test and I will see how it goes in the next few weeks, I may find myself coming back running!

The new link for littlebitsofnice is http://littlebitsofnice.wordpress.com/

I hope you enjoy this new temporary, or not, home. I would very much appreciate your thoughts on it! A similar post to this will be added to the site and you can leave your comments either here or there.See you on the other side!


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