May 01, 2012

Guess what?

Yup, I am ill…again…I wonder how many times I have said that this year…
I have realised that there is nothing I can do as I am doing everything I can already, so there is no point in getting angry. Been there, done that and it only makes you feel worse.
To give my body some credit the weather has been shocking recently and I have been around 3 sick people in the past week and it has taken it this long to give up. So, in the spirit of fairness I shall say thank you body for trying.
And in the spirit of seeing the bright side I got my chest rubbed this morning by Christoph…ok it was to rub some Vicks in but hey a poorly girl needs to find happiness somewhere!
I will leave you with this beautiful image that my colleague Sandy sent me yesterday to cheer me up of herself and, of course, a banana.

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