April 05, 2012


Driving for 4 hours after a full day of work...boring! I hate this drive, plus I'm a poo passenger (yea I'm not typing this and driving). I think with age I have now become the kind of person that with a bit of warmth and lull I fall asleep! Or I just play with my phone as I doing now, poor Christoph. Although just now I stopped writing and had a bit of a mad dance to Lykke Li's "I'm good, I'm gone" song - top song, have a listen it will perk you up straight away.

The moon looks awesome tonight folks so stop whatever you are doing and go outside, or have a little peek out of your window and take a moment.

(the pic doesn't give it justice but remember I took this on my phone ins moving car on a bumpy road...all things considered not bad!)

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