April 12, 2012

My mother and other things

So my mother is finally coming to see me. She is arriving this week end for 1 week and of course this means that Christoph and I have been running around since Tuesday every evening trying to tidy, clear and clean the house. We are getting there but let's just say that it's lucky she is arriving in the evening on Saturday...

We are going to the wedding dress shop so she can see me in my dress in person and to get some accessories :) then on Friday Christoph's parents are coming up to Manchester to meet her. This is the first time they meet...oh please please let it all go well! I'm shitting it if I am honest! Anyway moving on or I get stressed out if I think about it too much!

A part from that there are a few very exciting things happening at the moment but I can't talk about it here yet or out of here for that matter as nothing has been decided yet. Sorry I know I am being cryptic but I wanted to share the fact that I am very excited and happy about "it" and although you may not know why, hopefully you will  be happy anyway! And no I am not pregnant, calm down Alina (yes yes I know that's what you were thinking!) haha.

On a totally different topic I made an AMAZING banana loaf the other day. It was stunning, with walnuts and bits of chocolate. But I am really upset that I lost the blog I found it in and I can't find it again! I want to make it again and I can't, plus I can't give the person that made it the credit they deserve! As soon as I find it again I'll update this.

EDIT: I found it! Link on!



  1. well, then!!! cupcake.

    get finding that recipe then, that's what in the oven for now hahahahahaaha.

    You are moving to stockholm YUPPI!!!!!!!!!!


  2. haha sadly not honey! Found link, start baking!

  3. Do you ever stop thinking about bananas? It's BANANA TIME!

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