April 24, 2012

Our week with my mother

So my mother came and went. We had a lovely week all 3 of us together and although Christoph and I worked for a lot of the week we managed to get sometime off to spend time with her.

On Sunday we went to Knutsford, which is a super cute place south of Manchester and we had an amazing meal in a "real English" pub - as my mum kept saying! We had a little walk around and she bought us a calendar thing made of wood that you change the numbers to make the dates. Christoph and I decided to have a countdown to the wedding going instead of a normal calendar! It is both good and bad as it is exciting to see the numbers go down but at the same time it can be really daunting as it is so close now and there are still things to be done!

Wedding day countdown
On Thursday morning we went into town and mum spoiled Christoph rotten! She bought him the most beautiful shoes for the wedding and another pair just because! We then went to my wedding dress shop and although my mum said hundreds of times that she would not cry it took her less than a second to burst into tears when she saw me in my dress! Silly mum :) It was lovely as we got to choose accessories together and have a real girlie time and I have to say she was really supportive and respected my decisions. Very glad I waited for her to come to do those little bits!We then went on to have lunch out, got a bit tipsy and had a nap back at the flat in the late pm!

Friday morning Christoph's parents arrived and we went to Tatton Park which was lovely, although it was raining and freezing! Our parents got on really well which was a massive relief to both of us! Emails and telephone numbers were exchanged and Facebook friends made.

All in all a very successful week!

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