March 28, 2012

A catch up - Part 1

Hey folks, 

I realised it had been days since my last post yesterday and I thought I'd remediate it immediately! I do have excuses though, if you want to hear? Right here goes!

For one thing life has been CRAZY busy! I had another one of my wedding panics and Christoph being Christoph was totally brilliant and just went with it when I woke him up in the morning after being awake for hours and started freaking out about all the things we still had to do. This was a few weeks ago and we have been going at it like mad people and we have done sooooooooo much! Every night we would come home and sort things out and spend a lot of money in the process!! But basically we are totally on track now and I feel much better about it all :) 

We have also gone down to Surrey a couple of weeks ago as Christoph's sister had a baby girl...OMG she is totally beautiful and I could hold her forever (which I kinda did that week end!). Just to prove my point here is a picture of her

Florence and me
This picture with me: Christoph and I were about to leave for our drive back to Manchester, I had been holding her before but I had put her down as she was sleepy, so I put my coat on and scarf and then Flo started crying so I went to pick her up (her dad was outside in the hot tub with their other little girl, her mum was trying to get some sleep up in one of the bedrooms and nana was looking after their little boy who was not feeling very well. I am looking at the TV by the way as Peter Pan was on) and she was all unhappy and cranky but then I put her on my chest and she fell asleep...omg my heart ached! I could have stayed sat there for the rest of my life. Amazing feeling. It is crazy how you feel about a child that is not even yours, I can only imagine how it will be like when it's my own. I will die of love. 

As you can probably tell by reading this, I am TOTALLY broody...

Right, moving on! Concentrate! So, that week end I also had my make up and hair trial, the girls were totally brilliant, lovely and so patient with me. It's all sorted now and it's so cool to actually put your own face on all of the ideas you have together along with the dress to get a the whole picture. So exciting!!! Talking about dress, my dress has arrived and I am going to the shop this Saturday to try it out and organise the fitting dates! I need to start thinking about accessories but I think I kind of know what I want already so I'm not worried about that! 

That's it for today on the catch up front, this is catch up number 1 and next time it will be catch up number 2 - oh yes there is more! But for now, I am going for a nice hot bath and get some snuggles in bed before falling asleep. 

Night night folks xx

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