March 19, 2012

Our printed hand-painted wedding invitations

Our invitations! Before they were sent to us the designer took some pictures and I thought I'd share it here with you - as my own pictures are notoriously bad!  

Wedding invitation
I am not sure if you remember but we had a little setback with them when our friend who was due to make them was burgled and so we had to change We are getting married on the 8th of July this year and we were late...really late. So we found someone, on Etsy of course!, and they came from the USA.

We had to compromise on the design as what we wanted was waaaaay to expensive and we had not budgeted anything for them as we were originally getting them for free. So we compromised and we simplified everything : less parts to it, the design is less folksy than we wanted, less of everything basically. But you know what? We love them.

The set is made of the heart invitations, RSVP postcards and information cards. We wanted them and the wording to feel very fun and relaxed as that is exactly how we want our wedding to be. I think we succeeded and we hope you love them as much as we do :)

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