May 05, 2012


I re-pinned this picture a few days ago and yesterday I sent it to my colleague Sand(o) to cheer her up.  As I was looking through my picture folder today I saw it again and it still made me laugh so much that I decided to post it here too.

If you are not a cat person you will probably not find this anywhere nearly as funny as I do. Christoph doesn't get it as he is a dog person (plus he is allergic to cats so fair enough). But I love cats, I have had many cats in my life - Ok I know this sounds bad but it's all circumstantial and it has nothing to do with how I cared for them - and my last cat, Biscuit, was mental.

Biscuit was special. My ex and I were living in Spain when we got him. He was this tiny flee infested ball of fur. We loved him straight away. Within a few days we knew he was going to be a terror as he was obviously totally feral. And so he proceeded to drive us absolutely bananas by doing everything we tried to teach him not to do.

Biscuit loved water and so used to love to slowly walk across any open taps at any given time. One night I woke up to a weird sound. It took me a while to realise that it was water. I was really confused because it wasn't raining and so I woke up my boyfriend - as you do - to go and check it out. As I was half asleep the next thing I remember is a huge noise, followed by the sound of water and a curse. I ran out of the bedroom only to find him lying flat on his back from having slipped on our lounge floor...our flooded lounge floor. It turned out that Biscuit, the clever devil, turned the tap on in the kitchen (it was one of those that you push up, it's not like he learned how to physically turn a tap on!) for a little cool- me down in the middle of a warm spanish night. We of course spent the next few hours trying to dry the floor and praying that the downstairs neighbours would not be knocking on our door to tell us that their flat's ceiling was leaking.

We shared so many more wonderful I'm going to kill you, you little bastard moments with Biscuit. Oh don't worry he is fine, living the high life in Wales at my ex's parents house, getting fat but just as incredibly and wonderfully mental as he ever was. And this thought makes me very happy :)

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